The vastus lateralis is a muscle located on the lateral, or outside, part of your thigh. The participants performed the squat motion before and after stretching the tensor fasciae latae. Tightness of the vastus lateralis and IT band. Foam rolling to "release" or "lengthen" an overly-taut Iliotibial (IT) Band has been a popular concept in exercise circles for some time, and many people feel that it gives them relief from pain and tightness along the outside of their thigh. Vastus Lateralis. Weakness of vastus medialis and quadriceps. Let me explain. Repetitive activities or movements that cause repetitive stress to the knee – specifically those that include a twisting motion. The Vastus Lateralis is the largest and most lateral muscle of the quadriceps group. Bearing in mind the aforementioned relationships between the Vastus Lateralis and the IT band, activation of the Vastus lateralis could be used to press out against the IT band to add tension and at the same time create pull upwards on the IT band where it attaches to the Tibia.

So when the vastus lateralis tightens from overuse, the IT band extending over this muscle gradually shortens, preventing the vastus lateralis from relaxing to its resting length. The vastus lateralis is located above the knee joint, toward the outer edge of the leg. Due to the common practice of utilizing 2 dimentional anatomical representations to learn clinical anatomy (ie. Dr. Perry discusses the vastus lateralis trigger points that cause knee pain, IT Band pain, and the stuck patella (locked knee cap) condition. Together, the quadriceps act on the knee and hip to promote movement as well as strength and stability.
Stretch and practice self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques to loosen the tensor fascia latae, vastus lateralis, and IT band. The vastus lateralis is susceptible to muscle fiber tearing -- which is called a muscle strain -- … Vastus lateralis tendinitis (tendinoses) and Iliotibial Band Syndrome A forklift driver came this morning with complaints of left knee pain since the past 1 week with prolonged driving. The vastus lateralis (member of the quadriceps group), which resides largely underneath the IT band, could actually derive the most benefit from foam rolling directly on top of the IT Band. It’s an acronym for “Ilio-tibial Band”. It’s an acronym for “Ilio-tibial Band”. Let me explain. The biggest component of the confusion is overlooking the fact that the fascia forming the IT band is woven into the muscle fibers of the vastus lateralis.

Rather, you should get to the root cause of the pain which is usually due to lack of hip stability, strength, poor motor control, etc. According to, a toned vastus lateralis can also give the appearance of slimmer hips. We will be working both on the IT band as well as along its edges, where it commonly gets adhered to the outer quadriceps muscle (vastus lateralis) which runs underneath it.

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