1900, Peking, China. Sep 18, 2012. are besieged by the "Boxers", a peasant movement who seek drive away foreigners and Chinese Christians from China. And quality acting (often cheesy) from dependable stars of the silver screen. Audience Reviews for Fifty Five Days at Peking. 55 Days at Peking 1963 (tt0056800) Diplomats, soldiers and other representatives of a dozen nations fend off the siege of the International Compound in Peking during the 1900 Boxer Rebellion. 55 DAYS AT PEKING Theme from the film "55 Days At Peking" (1963) (Dimitri Tiomkin / Paul Francis Webster) The Brothers Four - 1963 Richard Chamberlain - 1963 Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - 1963 Bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom Bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom Bom-bom, bom-bom-bom Bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom The year was Nineteen-Hundred T'is worth remembering The men who lived through Fifty-five days at Peking … It stars Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, David Niven and Flora Robson.

The Boxer Rebellion. For purposes of continuity, the Chinese capital shall be referred to by its old name of ‘ Peking ‘ throughout this posting. Music is scored by Dimitri Tiomkin and cinematography is by Jack Hildyard. Anyone who’s seen the 1963 film “55 Days at Peking”, may think that they know all about the events depicted in this legendary epic, starring such … 55 Days at Peking is directed by Nicholas Ray and Andrew Marton and collectively written by Philip Yordan, Bernard Gordon, Robert Hamer and Ben Barzman. 北京55日 55 Days at Peking,摄于西班牙,由于拍摄需要数千名中国演员,电影公司从西班牙全国各地几乎把能找到的中国人都拉来拍戏了。因为参观员工都被电影公司所雇佣,电影拍摄期间西班牙全国的中国餐馆几乎都关闭。 55 Days at Peking, Boxer Rebellion In the year 1900, the International Legations in Peking (now Beijing) comprising of the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as Chinese civilians. '55 Days at Peking' is a great example of 1960s Hollywood epic cinema: big frame-filling visuals, hundreds of on-screen extras (no CGI), lush Technicolor images, a stirring score, plenty of action and stunning sets and locations.

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